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1031 Exchange | REM #60

Featuring Aaron Waldrum, Operations Manager at Guarantee Real Estate, Palm Herndon

Looking for a great approach to build wealth?

Whether you have a single rental property or have a real estate portfolio with multiple rentals, farms, and commercial property, a 1031 Exchange can help you generate more income and get you where you want to go financially!

Our friend Ron Ricard from IPX 1031 says the biggest mis-conception about a 1031 is what type of property you can buy. The phrase “like property” is always the hang up because it’s so vague.

Truth is, when selling an Income property, a 1031 exchange can help you reinvest those earnings into ANY other income producing property. That means you could sell an orchard to buy an apartment building, or sell a rental and buy a gas station! This is how you start to generate real wealth and when investing becomes real fun!

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