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A Strong Market | REM #64

Recently I have come across countless articles and headlines that talk about the real estate market cooling off.

So many of these reports are over sensationalized and used to get you to subscribe to their newsletter or marketing.

Here’s the deal – there’s home prices and market stats available for everyone. You can easily search online and discover that inventory in Central California is slowly increasing, but the demand is keeping pace.

There’s 2 reasons our housing market is so strong:

  1. Interest rates are continuing to stay low – the lowest in 21 months.
  2. The forecasted economic slowdown and a recession in late 2019 just hasn’t happened. Now economists are pushing those projections past 2020.

Wages are strong. Home prices are still appreciating and mortgage rates are low.

Next time you come across one of those negative real estate articles, don’t fall for some of the oversold stories about our great housing market.

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