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Advantages | REM #46

Did you know you have an advantage in real estate right now?

If you could use an advantage in real estate – and it’s not the typical, “buy low, sell high” type of advice, what would you do with it?

In boxing – you hear about one of the boxers having a reach advantage.

In hockey – you have the power play and a numbers advantage.

In basketball – one team might have a height or speed advantage.

In all of those examples – having the advantage leads to one thing – winning.

In real estate, having an advantage might mean being a cash buyer with no contingencies. It might mean having a conventional loan when other buyers are offering with FHA.

However, there’s an ability to have an extra advantage in real estate. That advantage? It’s called representation. Having a trusted advisor. Having someone in your corner, on your team that represents your best interest. Someone that can help you negotiate from a position of strength and advantage, everytime, regardless of your circumstances.

That person – is your Realtor.

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