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Avoid Delays During Escrow | REM #70

Along with the sand, surf and mountains we enjoy in California, we are also tuned in to safety during earthquakes and fires. 

This is Desrie van Putten, Sales Manager at Guarantee Real Estate’s Fig Garden office, with a few things you can do when preparing to sell your single-family home… that can help to avoid delays during escrow.

First, to prevent movement during earthquakes, all water heaters must be supported and strapped with two, 22-gauge, 5/8” or wider metal straps.

Second, be advised that smoke alarms must be in each sleeping room, just outside of each sleeping area – and on each additional story of the home, including basements, but not crawl spaces or attics.

Finally, co alarms must be just outside each sleeping area, on each level including basements, and in bedrooms or bathrooms that contain fuel-burning appliances.

In all but rare instances, these items are required by law — so avoid re-inspection fees, and be a step ahead of the inspector… and the appraiser!

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