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Guarantee Good Will Network Sponsors Hinds Hospice

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The Guarantee Good Will Network recently made a $2,500 donation to Hinds Hospice. The Donation will assist the organization with its efforts to uphold the dignity and ease the suffering of the terminally ill, while supporting their loved ones and those who are grieving.

About Hinds Hospice

Since 1981, Hinds Hospice has provided comfort care and grief support in Fresno, Madera, & Merced counties. The number served by their programs has grown significantly throughout the years.

Many programs are not covered or are inadequately funded. To address these issues, Hinds Hospice maintains programs and services such as; Patient Care Services, the Hinds Hospice Home-where terminally ill patients receive 24 hour care, Angel Babies-to help families cope with the devastation of losing a little one, and the Center for Grief and Healing-which provides understanding, compassion and professional support to those experiencing loss and grief.

How Can I Get Involved?

Hinds Hospice relies on community support to meet the growing needs of the organization. The generosity of the community is always appreciated through donations, volunteering, and patronizing the Hinds Hospice Thrift Stores. Click here and learn more ways to get involved.

The Guarantee Goodwill Network Fund is a donor-advised fund, established at the Central Valley Community Foundation, to encourage Guarantee employees to give back to the communities where they live and work.

The Hidden Treasures of Clovis North

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Written by: Carol Spencer

The demand to live in the Clovis North Neighborhood has never been higher. The many reasons are too long to list, as I’m sure you can imagine. One of the hottest spots to hit the streets this year was the grand opening of Fresno’s newest Dutch Bros location on Maple/Perrin. While I can’t claim to be a member of the “Dutch Mafia,” my youngest daughter has been singing the praises of the company and the coffee for years. It’s true, people came in droves to the grand opening and hopefully the crowds took the time to notice the diamond in the rough Mom-n-Pop cafe in the very same strip mall. This gem of a restaurant is the purpose of this article!

The Manna Cafe, at 10063 N Maple Ave, is open daily from 7am-3pm and offers breakfast all day! Another Realtor, two of my daughters, and I took a trip over for lunch recently. Both of my daughters have unfortunate dietary restrictions for health reasons including but not limited to severe gluten intolerance. They constantly struggle to find restaurants that can accommodate their needs along with a staff sensitive to the fact that they can’t help but have these issues.

The moment we walked in, we were greeted with a warm and friendly hello and were invited to sit wherever we would like. The customer service never faltered, and the experience couldn’t have been more pleasant. The Manna Cafe boasts a gluten-free menu, and while other establishments offer a few options, here it seems nearly 75% of the menu can be made to accommodate a gluten-free diet. We were all amazed that the cafe offers so many options!

Our food arrived and let’s just say it was a pretty quiet meal with no complaints! Everything was fresh, hot, and presented quite nicely. We will be going back, again and again.

While there are so many obvious reasons to love being a part of the Clovis North Neighborhood, it can be easy to miss the almost hidden treasures we drive by every day. If you haven’t taken the time to stop and have breakfast or lunch at this wonderful restaurant, you just might be missing your new favorite meal. May I recommend the French Dip?

If you have been entertaining the idea of making a move to the Clovis North Neighborhood, don’t hesitate any longer, contact me; your Clovis North Neighborhood Expert today!

Your Clovis North Neighborhood Expert

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Kerman is Moving Toward Citywide Expansion!

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Written by: Leo Nolasco

Welcome to the city of Kerman, where community comes first!

Kerman is a small but growing city located just 25 minutes west of Fresno, at the intersection of HWY 180 (Whitesbridge) and HWY 145 (Madera Ave). The city features many “mom and pop” retail locations that add a unique flavor to this close community.

Kerman is the Hot Spot

If you are a Kerman home owner seeking to upgrade and re-locate to another Central California area, now is the perfect time to sell your home for Top Market Value! There are several first time home buyers seeking to purchase your home. I’d be happy to assist you with this process.

Why Live in the City of Kerman?

Aside from the benefits of family and community, city officials project future growth and expansion for Kerman. The city is noticeably growing at a rapid pace, and making room for additional housing and businesses is the city’s top priority!

In order to meet the supply and demand for housing, a new construction home builder has been approved to continue building new homes along California Avenue and Del Norte, starting as low as $217,950. Plans are currently in the approval process and construction is scheduled to begin in the coming months.

Oh What Fun it is To Live in the City of Kerman!

The city of Kerman has several fun filled events all year round. There are three in particular that I love to participate with my family.

The first, is the Annual Fireworks Show. This year, The event is scheduled for July 3rd at Kerman High School. Food and entertainment will be available for the whole family to enjoy, and the mega fireworks show will be the grand finale of the evening.

​The Annual Kerman ​Harvest Festival is another favorite event of mine. It takes place mid September, and celebrates the 70+ years of the community’s history. The Harvest Festival creates a fair like atmosphere, featuring many rides, attractions and yummy carnival treats.

And last, the not to be missed Annual Kerman Christmas Parade. ​This event takes place on the second Saturday of every December. This is a joyful event that draws every Kerman resident to participate in every year.

Whether you are looking for a property with land, a brand new construction home, a retail space to start your own business, or a large custom home, Kerman has the right spot for your family. As the neighborhood expert in Kerman I can help you with your real estate needs or tell you more about this town that I love and grew up in.

Your Kerman Neighborhood Expert

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The Historical Sunnyside Neighborhood

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Written by Kathy Hamlin

Travel on Butler Avenue, East of Clovis Avenue – or South on Minnewawa from Butler – tucked away behind 100+ year old palm trees and mature landscaping, you can see it – early Fresno history. This area is filled with unique custom homes – like this one.

Recognize these names? Butler, Church, Easterby, Eisen, Roeding, Romain, Locan, Teague, and Kearney. These are some of the founders of Fresno who farmed the area.

In 1867, Easterby purchased land to grow wheat. He hired sheep man Moses J. Church in 1871 to create an irrigation system, that is still in use today.

Among the well-known early ranches in Sunnyside started in 1886. Minna Eshleman purchased 480 acres, and founded the “Minnewawa Ranch”, the first ranch in Fresno County to be developed by a woman. Minna was an educator, a business woman, a breeder, a farmer, a packer and a shipper. Her original home still graces the Minnewawa Ranch at the end of the beautiful tree lined road of Minnewawa Avenue.

In 1890, William N. Oothout’s purchase of 560 acres from Frederick Roeding, founded the Sunnyside Vineyard Ranch, located directly across the street from Eisen’s vineyard at Kings Canyon Road and Clovis Avenues. The first Thompson seedless grapes in the Fresno area were planted here by Oothout and closely guarded to prevent others from getting cuttings.

In 1911, Roeding, Teague, Romain, Swift, and Goodfellow, bought a portion of the old Sunnyside Vineyard and the Oothout’s colonial home for a golf course. The club was named Sunnyside Golf and Country Club, and the Oothout home was used as the clubhouse until it was destroyed by a fire in 1941.

Sunnyside has much to offer; unique homes from every era, the oldest golf club in the valley, beautiful walking trails along Fancher Creek, and soon – a new “Riverpark” like shopping center on Clovis Avenue.

Thanks to the Sunnyside Property Owners Association, and Sunnyside Country Club for your help in writing this blog.


Your Sunnyside Neighborhood Expert

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Are You on the Right Track?

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From a Recent Tom Ferry Blog Post

Will Rogers once said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

In my nearly 30 years of coaching, I’ve seen countless agents just sitting there…They know they need to take action, but aren’t sure what their next move should be. Fear begins to creep in, and it makes taking that action even more difficult.


Sales Agents fear all sorts of things…They fear the future of their markets…They fear technology one day making them obsolete…They fear the uncertainty of what tomorrow might hold…I get it, and I know firsthand how paralyzing fear can be. But I’ve got some exciting news for you…Your future is now!

I want you to make the most of your life and your profession. I tell agents all the time that real estate can give you the opportunity to do what you love, with people you love, for the people you love.

Don’t be That Agent

Don’t be like so many agents who know they should take action, but don’t. I don’t want you to have another year where you simply match or come short of the success you’ve already achieved. When I look at you, I can see your full potential, and I know that you are capable of incredible things.

Taking Action

It’s time to separate yourself from so many agents who are willing to accept average…If you are ready to take action, and move past those limiting beliefs, I have two questions I want you to think about…

What Exactly Do You Want?

Get really clear on what it is you want. You’ve heard me talk about it before, but I love that quote, “life favors the specific ask, and punishes the vague wish.” Don’t just say you want to sell more homes, but get clear on how many homes you want to sell AND how long it will take you to do it.

What Mindset Changes are Required to Get There?

You and I both know that what got you here won’t get you there. In order to really get to the next level, you’ll need to do things that stretch and grow your business. This might mean trying some new lead sources, improving your follow up processes, or making a few more phone calls.

You Need Sales Edge!

Sales Edge is one of the biggest real estate training events in the industry. The amount of work and labor that go into an event like this is crazy. But my associate Bill Pipes will gladly do it every year for agents just like you! Listen, it isn’t enough to just give you a few real estate tips and send you on your way. I operate out of a place of love and compassion and I want to make sure you’ve got EVERYTHING you need to be successful. Yes, that means giving you the proper tools, but also having a system so that you can follow through and take action.

Sales Edge is NOT Just Another Real Estate Event

Sales Edge is your opportunity to get the coaching, motivation, networking, and everything else you need for tremendous growth and the GCI you truly deserve.

Sales Edge is an intensive three-day boot camp created to build persuasion and objection handling skills.

Sales Edge will allow you to walk away with a raised level of confidence, an unstoppable lead conversion script, and a bulletproof listing presentation.


I hope you join my associate Bill Pipes and hundreds of other agents at the Clovis Veterans Memorial June 27-29.

Reserve Your Spot Today

Guarantee Real Estate Raises the Roof with Habitat for Humanity!

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Last week I attended my first Habitat for Humanity event. The experience was a blessing, and one that I am happy and humble to have been afforded the opportunity to help with.

Habitat for Humanity and Guarantee Real Estate Raised the Roof for a Family in Need

On May 11, Guarantee Real Estate partnered with Habitat for Humanity Fresno County and hosted an event to raise funds for the lovely “Chang Family”. The Chang Family, recently chosen to receive a Habitat Home, were both thankful and overcome with emotion when given a chance to address the crowd. Mr. Chang described to everyone what “Raise the Roof” meant to him. “This event means everything to me. It means a better life for my children and wife, and a chance for my children to grow up in an environment that I would not have been able to provide without your help tonight.” -Mr. Chang-Habitat Home Recipient.

Live Music, Good Food and Drinks
The event popped off with live sultry tunes from a local band as the mood was set for pure excitement through the entire time. Around 400 attendees mingled, laughed, and enjoyed the company of each other. A massive taco truck provided tacos with all of the toppings that one could handle. An array of drinks were provided by Home Services Lending, and a delectable assortment of deserts were provided by Susan Britter of First American Home Buyer’s Protection.

Job Well Done!
It takes about $15,000 to place a roof on a Habitat home. In addition to a grant given by the Guarantee Good Will Network, and the funds raised at the event, I’m told that a little over $11,000 was raised for the Chang Family! I’d say that Guarantee Real Estate, Habitat for Humanity, and the community partners who generously supported the event, should be proud of themselves for a job well done.

Thank You Thank You Thank You!
An event such as this requires many hands, and the joint effort of those who have big hearts. I want to give a huge shout out to the partners who helped to make this event successful: Century 21 C. Watson, Fidelity National Title, First American Title, Hyatt Real Estate, Sierra Pacific Mortgage, Joan Eaton & Paul Gibson, Keller Williams, Westland Realty, Realtor® Maria Martins-Sanchez, Old Republic Title, Placer Title, Realty Concepts, and one additional partner who wishes to remain anonymous. Also, I want to give a special shout out to those who organized the event: Sandy Darling, Desrie van Putten, Reginia Teter, and Josh Banker.

Madera Ranchos Family Community

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Written By:

Samantha Phebus

It’s Wednesday night and we have joined some of our neighbors on their back porch. There is a peaceful breeze running through the eucalyptus trees. This is a normal occurrence out here in the Madera Ranchos. Neighbors getting together, enjoying each other’s company, sharing stories amongst the piece and quite of the country side.

Our husbands are in the same line of business so they spent an hour sharing their tall tales. My neighbor just purchased a new travel trailer and was eager to show it off as the men talked. As the evening went on there was some laughter and a few glasses of wine. Let me tell you, after a long day at work there is no place I would rather be.

If I had to sum Madera Ranchos up in one word it would be community. Having a group of people that are always there to lend a hand, make new friends feel welcome and continually looking out for you makes Madera Ranchos a special place to live. As one of your neighborhood experts I would love to tell you more about our community. Call me today!

Your Madera Ranchos Neighborhood Expert

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The Sanger Blossom Trail

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Written By:

Carol MacNeill

In the spring of 2004 our family moved from north Fresno to Sanger, and we have never looked back. Every spring I am reminded of why I love where we live. You don’t have to drive out of Sanger very far to be bombarded with the beauty of the surrounding countryside…the orchards ablaze with color, the strong aroma of the blossoming orange trees, the rolling green hills as the valley gives way to the foothills, and the beautiful snow-capped mountains in the distance to the east.

In celebration of the coming of spring, Sanger joins with other farming communities along the “Blossom Trail”—a beautiful 65–mile loop through the orchards in Fresno County—to offer drivers, bicyclists, and photographers the opportunity to revel in the glory of the orchards that supply nourishment to so many. For 29 years, people have followed a mapped route to see first-hand the beauty and abundance our valley offers. People flock to the orchards for memorable photo shoots, taking family photos, engagement photos, and graduation photos. The orchards welcome them with their beauty.

Early in March, Sanger throws its big spring party, the Blossom Time Festival, with a 10k run, food, crafts, music, and a car show. The community comes together for some great family fun.

Although the blossoms are dropping like snowflakes and the grass will soon be brown, spring is hanging on for a little while longer than usual this year. And I love that. Spring makes me fall in love with this place all over again.

Your Sanger Neighborhood Expert

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Increased Demand for Bullard Neighborhood Homes

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Damaris Lambrecht

In the last year, I have witnessed homeowners consistently choosing to move out of 2003 or newer homes, and into older homes located within various county islands scattered throughout Fresno and Clovis. The fact there are several county islands to choose from, allows clients to move into an area that is most suited to their needs and often allows them to stay within their preferred school boundary. One of the county islands that falls within the Bullard-boundary line, is the island located near fig garden village.

Most county island boundaries are more geographically compact, such as Sunnyside, Tarpey, or Old Fort Washington. However, when farmland in NW Fresno was subdivided it was filed through Fresno County, because the city limits were much further south. Over the decades the City of Fresno experienced northern growth, and soon surrounded this subdivision, causing what is now an irregularly shaped county island.

This island may have several sub-pockets each with unofficial names: Maroa Heights, West Fig, Old Fig, Bullard, Van ness extension, Figarden, etc. But one thing that remains consistent is the increase in buyer demand.

5 Factors Influencing Buyer Demand
Here are the top five factors influencing buyers to forego newer construction, and seek out a home in this county island:

Small Town Feel
Fig Garden Village has a wide variety of restaurants, designer shops, ice cream parlors, lounges, to choose from. Its close proximity to office complexes keep a steady flow from mid morning into the late evening hours.

Old World Charm
As soon as you turn off a main street and drive into a neighborhood you will feel as if you have taken a step back in time. Climbing ivy, exposed brick, mature landscaping, circle drives and the lack of sidewalks/street lights all add to the charm that can’t be found in new construction.
Opportunity For Equity

Although some buyers prefer new construction, which offers the latest designer trends in flooring counter tops and living space layouts (such as open floor plans or doing away with a formal living room). There is something to be said about purchasing an older home that needs updating.

Buyers that purchase dated homes can make changes according to their preference. Once their remodel is complete, they end up with a custom home that features the upgrades they value most.

Outdoor Living Space
It is not rare to find large lots coupled with large one story homes. This county island has proven to be an ideal fit for buyers thinking about moving into the countryside but not necessarily wanting the constant upkeep that comes with acreage ownership, or deal with a commute into town. There is an equal blend from younger families looking for added lawn space, to empty nesters wanting a quieter neighborhood feel.

Location, Location, Location
Its central location within the city as well as proximity to Herndon, Shaw and Highway 41 allows property owners to access any part of Fresno/Clovis without having to take additional detours and minimizes commute to and from work.

If you have been thinking about making a move, and/or in search for either a larger lot size or large one-story home, the Fig-area County Island may be a fit for you. Likewise, many homeowners may not be aware why now is a good time to make a move. We can provide you with valuable information to allow you to make the best decision for your household.

Your Bullard Neighborhood Expert

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Buchanan Neighborhood Trail

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Written By:

Jocelyn Fox

As you may have heard, Saturday, April 22nd was Earth Day. I have always felt that everyday should be Earth Day, but for now I will have to settle for at least one day of social media awareness. I will have to settle for at least one day of less littering, one day of more recycling, and one day of marching and tree-planting. With any luck, it will become contagious. One of my favorite things about living in the Central Valley is the plentiful, and convenient access to the great outdoors and the countless activities available to us with just a short drive. Hiking, skiing, water sports, mountain biking, and countless other outdoor activities are available to us all year round.

With all of the options within reach, sometimes we forget that we have beauty in our own backyard. As a resident, I believe Clovis is something special. There is an element of pride and a commitment to cleanliness that sometimes we take for granted. Our own Buchanan Neighborhood has a plethora of parks, and several trails that are easily accessible, shade-filled, and pet friendly. Today I felt the need to remind myself that sometimes you don’t even have to get in the car to experience the beauty of the nature that our city strives to uphold. So, I did what many of us Fitbit junkies do, I took a walk.  


Beginning at Railroad Park, I ventured over to the Old Town Clovis Trail to cross Peach Avenue. I’ve been on all portions of this trail and Dry Creek Trail, but the section from Peach to Willow is my favorite. It’s wonderful being able to avoid traffic, all the while taking in the beautiful landscaping, and almost forgetting that you are still in the Valley! The bonus perk is that when you come out on the other side, you are directly behind the Parkway Trails Shopping Center! If you’re as fortunate as I was today, it will be just in time for lunch at Mr. Sushi–#2. Buchanan Roll anyone?


What are you waiting for? Get your kids, your dog, and your Fitbit and join me on the Clovis Trails!


I am so thankful to live in the Central Valley, but even more grateful for all of the benefits of our Buchanan Neighborhood. If you would like to make this area your home as well, contact myself or one of Guarantee Real Estate’s Buchanan Experts today, and we can help you make your move.


Your Buchanan Neighborhood Expert

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