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Guarantee Donates $1,000 to the Sierra Foothill Conservancy

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The Guarantee Good Will Network announced a $1,000 grant to Sierra Foothill Conservancy. The grant will assist the organization with its mission to maintain important habitat, family ranches, and clean water resources for current and future generations to enjoy.

About Sierra Foothill Conservancy

Sierra Foothill Conservancy is a land trust doing critical work in the central Sierra foothills. Over the past twenty years, the organization has conserved over 28,000 acres in Fresno, Madera, Mariposa, and Eastern Merced county region by protecting the lands.

Sierra Foothill Conservancy provides recreational and educational opportunities in the lands they protect. The organization also offers guided hikes to the stunning table top mountains and surrounding land.

The Conservancy is a wonderful outdoor classroom where youth can learn about the protection of natural habitat and resources. Educational offerings include: astronomy, orienteering classes, as well as plein air art events.

How Can I Help?

Your contribution to Sierra Foothill Conservancy is heavily leveraged. Every $1 donated supports $15 to $30 in direct land protection efforts. With your support, the Conservancy can advance community driven conservation efforts, act quickly to protect threatened lands, and ensure land and water conservation remains a priority in the community. Click here to discover more ways to make an impact with Sierra Foothill Conservancy.

The Guarantee Goodwill Network Fund is a donor-advised fund, established at the Central Valley Community Foundation, to encourage Guarantee employees to give back to the communities where they live and work.

Guarantee Donates $1,150 to Habitat for Humanity Fresno County

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The Guarantee Good Will Network has donated $1,150 to Habitat For Humanity.

About Habitat for Humanity

Habitat seeks to end poverty housing and increase homeownership by uniting individuals, families, and communities to build affordable homes.
Habitat families are taught basic construction skills that they use to help build their home. They also learn about home maintenance, home improvement, interior design, neighborhood involvement, budgeting, consumer awareness, and how to cooperate with others.

How Can I Get Involved?

To learn more about what Habitat for Humanity does, or how you might get involved by volunteering to help build a home, visit their web site,

The Guarantee Goodwill Network Fund is a donor-advised fund, established at the Central Valley Community Foundation, to encourage Guarantee employees to give back to the communities where they live and work.

Guarantee Donates $1,000 to Inspire One

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The Guarantee Good Will Network has given a $1,000 donation to Inspire One. The donation will help replenish the organization’s funding for Biola Enrichment Days and help to continue with its vision: “inspire one, by loving those in front of you.” 


It is the belief of its founder- Licia Clark, that if a virtuous seed has been planted in the lives of children during their youth, then fear and frustration will not have room to grow. If one pursues “the call” to inspire, the lights of purpose and expectation will ignite and the lives of children will change by the effort of those who care.


About Inspire One

Inspire One continues to push forward and break barriers that divide children from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The organization seeks to enlighten, teach and develop the gifts of ALL children. Through community involvement, cultivating friendships, building team work and developing the talents of children through music and fine arts, Inspire One has accomplished a lot in the Central Valley.

Biola Enrichment Days

Biola is a small farming community just a few miles west of Fresno off of Shaw Avenue. It is a community with great needs. Many in the town work as farm laborers, which puts them in the fields all day during the summers, leaving their children at home alone. For the past 12 years Inspire One volunteers have gathered for three weeks in July giving the children a place to go and things to do! Over 100 children attend, ranging in ages from 5 to 13 and older children in the community have an opportunity to volunteer, helping the younger ones. 

The mornings are packed full of activities! They are divided into 3 sessions, with the kids in appropriate age groups. Each group rotates through crafts, creative arts, and games or outside activities, including photography, sewing & cooking. Fridays are fun days, with movies, popcorn, and outside water games! At the end of the three weeks, the children put on a play for their families and the community. 

How Can I Get Involved?

Inspire One can continue to impact the lives of children with the continued support of those who give by volunteering and those who generously give financially. Learn how you can Inspire One by clicking here

For information email:


Choosing The Right Agent | REM #71

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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you had no control? Found yourself feeling anxious or nervous?

I’m Jennifer Hixson, Sales Manager at Guarantee Real Estate, and if you’re at all like me, you know exactly how that feels!

But what if you felt that way while you were buying or selling a home?… family land?… or even a business or investment property?

To avoid uncertainty, and those skittish emotions during important times like these, we believe choosing the right agent to represent you is crucial… and goes a long way toward bypassing those unsettling feelings.

-take time as you find a realtor that you can trust…
-build a relationship with them first…
-and make sure that what’s important to you, is equally important to your agent.

They will make intelligent choices that focus on your goals!

So before jumping into the process with an unfamiliar agent, make sure the agent is someone you can trust and is the right person — for you!

Guarantee Donated $2,500 to Hinds Hospice

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Guarantee is happy to announce a $2,500 donation to Hinds Hospice!. The donation will assist the organization with its efforts to uphold the dignity and ease the suffering of the terminally ill, while supporting their loved ones and those who are grieving.

About Hinds Hospice
For almost 40 years, Hinds Hospice has provided comfort care and grief support in Fresno, Madera, & Merced counties. The number served by their programs has grown significantly throughout the years.

Many programs are not covered or are inadequately funded. To address these issues, Hinds Hospice maintains programs and services such as; Patient Care Services, the Hinds Hospice Home-where terminally ill patients receive 24 hour care, Angel Babies-to help families cope with the devastation of losing a little one, and the Center for Grief and Healing-which provides understanding, compassion and professional support to those experiencing loss and grief.

How Can I Get Involved?
Hinds Hospice relies on community support to meet the growing needs of the organization. The generosity of the community is always appreciated through donations, volunteering, and patronizing the Hinds Hospice Thrift Stores. Please click HERE and learn more ways to get involved.

The Guarantee Goodwill Network Fund is a donor-advised fund, established at the Central Valley Community Foundation, to encourage Guarantee employees to give back to the communities where they live and work.

Avoid Delays During Escrow | REM #70

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Along with the sand, surf and mountains we enjoy in California, we are also tuned in to safety during earthquakes and fires. 

This is Desrie van Putten, Sales Manager at Guarantee Real Estate’s Fig Garden office, with a few things you can do when preparing to sell your single-family home… that can help to avoid delays during escrow.

First, to prevent movement during earthquakes, all water heaters must be supported and strapped with two, 22-gauge, 5/8” or wider metal straps.

Second, be advised that smoke alarms must be in each sleeping room, just outside of each sleeping area – and on each additional story of the home, including basements, but not crawl spaces or attics.

Finally, co alarms must be just outside each sleeping area, on each level including basements, and in bedrooms or bathrooms that contain fuel-burning appliances.

In all but rare instances, these items are required by law — so avoid re-inspection fees, and be a step ahead of the inspector… and the appraiser!

Pitfalls of HERO and PACE Financing | REM #69

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Are you aware of the potential pitfalls that come with using PACE or HERO financing for energy-efficient improvements? Hear more on the topic from the Sales Manager at our Fig Garden Office, Sandy Darling.

The Fresno Community Concert Band

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Guarantee Donated $1,000 to the Fresno Community Concert Band. Guarantee recently had a check presentation at our Palm Herndon office!

About the Fresno Community Concert Band

The Fresno Community Concert Band provides a unique musical experience by performing a variety of music – traditional, western, patriotic, Latin, jazz, big band and music of the stage and screen. 75 unpaid amateur and professional musicians present six concerts each season, honoring our military at its May concert each Memorial Day Weekend and an additional concert at the Caruthers Fair.

Besides featuring guest soloists at our concerts, educational highlights have included awarding a music scholarship to a qualified high school student, showcasing high school or middle school bands at selected concerts, offering masterclasses to students and presenting verbal program notes on every concert. Exciting concerts for every member of the family!

We are grateful to Guarantee Real Estate for sponsoring our December concert, to be presented on December 8, 2019 at 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM at Fresno City College.

Learn more about the Fresno Community Concert Band at

If you would like to support the band CLICK HERE for more info.

The Guarantee Goodwill Network Fund is a donor-advised fund, established at the Central Valley Community Foundation, to encourage Guarantee employees to give back to the communities where they live and work.

Closing Costs | REM #68

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Remember when your parents or grandparents would flip you a couple bucks and say “go get what you want kiddo!” Then you’d race off to the candy aisle for some sugary goodness! You end up with two candy bars (that you’re thinking should cost $1.98) and as the cashier rings them up – you realize you’ve got a problem: sales tax! (hope somebody has spare change?)

Hi, I am Kyle Chaney with Guarantee Real Estate.

Don’t feel panic next time you buy or sell a home… Make sure you understand what closing costs are. These are costs that apply to the sale of a home that both buyer and seller incur.

Like the name implies, they’re paid at the end of your sale before ownership transfers… and typically include escrow fees, insurances, loan origination costs, prepaid interest and a few other items.

Remember, lenders are required by law to provide you a loan estimate – including those closing costs – within 3 days of receiving your application.

Plan on 3 to 5% of the purchase price.

For the best information on what you can and can’t negotiate, work with a local realtor… so you aren’t left scrambling for funds at the last minute.

Getting Pre-Approved | REM #67

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What’s the first step in buying a home? Hear the answer straight from the source, Guarantee Real Estate’s Jeff Starbuck, Manager of our Palm and Herndon office.

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