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Stonebridge Community-A Stunning Gem

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Written by: Diane Hill

Tucked away in Northwest Fresno is the special community of Stonebridge. There is something magical when you cross over the bridge and enter this beautiful village of 53 acres in a park like setting, with 10 lakes, and tennis courts.

Stonebridge is sought for its serene, secure, and friendly community atmosphere. It boasts “The Clubhouse”, a stunning gem on the water’s edge. As you stroll through the tree lined streets with the well kept homes and landscape, you are struck by the serenity of the village with its classic street lights and English titled streets.

Those who decide to make Stonebridge their home, are welcomed as residents of this lovely community and will enjoy the many frequent activities held in the Clubhouse.

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2018 Guarantee Real Estate Hunger Heroes Campaign

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On Tuesday morning Guarantee Real Estate hit every street corner with one mission – To join the fight against hunger in Central California. In an effort to support the Community Food Bank’s annual Hunger Heroes fundraising campaign, Guarantee team members collected donations for those in need of food.

About the Community Food Bank
The Community Food Bank is dedicated to ending hunger in Central California by providing food to anyone in the community with a need. The organization serves 200 agencies in 5 counties and provides food to about 280,000 people each month. $.97 cents of every dollar goes directly to feeding programs and services.

The kick off for the 2018 Guarantee Real Estate Hunger Heroes campaign was a huge success. Five offices participated on Tuesday and so far, over $5,000 has been raised!

“This was a great experience and I was happy to see that many people were willing to help others in need.” – Diana Morales, Guarantee Real Estate Staff Member

We Need You to Join the Fight!
Guarantee Real Estate will continue the fight for Hunger Heroes through the month of May. If you see one of our office representatives out and about in the communities, we encourage you to be generous and to PLEASE GIVE to this most worthy cause.

“Hunger isn’t something most of us will experience, but if you’ve ever been in need or know of someone who has, you know the value of a resource like the Community Food Bank. We hope that you will join the fight with Guarantee Real Estate.” – Reginia Teter, Guarantee Good Will Network Co-Chair and Team Captain

Guarantee Launches a New Marketing Presentation!

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Our New and Improved Marketing Presentation
An effective CMA/Marketing Presentation is the glue that binds a relationship between agent and client. Sometimes the task involved with creating a professional CMA can be tedious with so many steps. In an effort to consistently provide our Associates with the most latest and greatest tools, we’ve launched a more effective Marketing Presentation using the Cloud CMA platform.

Our Marketing Presentation is designed with all of the tools that an Associate will need; market stats, a list of our marketing programs, and tips to give clients on how to prepare their home to sell. Additionally, the program has three features that will prove to be the most essential in creating the best look for a presentation in about half the time!

Single Sign On
To log on, all you need to do is long into our Intranet and voila! You are in!

Direct Connection to the Fresno MLS
Our Associates no longer have to log out of a CMA program to log into the Fresno MLS and download files. It is directly connected into the MLS. How does that sound?

Just Click to Add, Remove, and Move Pages!
It’s just that simple…Just click one box to remove a page from the presentation. If you don’t like the order, click and drag to reorder the pages. Also, you can upload your own pages!

We Care About our Associates!
Our main goal is to be the Premier Provider of the real estate experience around the home sale transaction. Our search for new opportunities and tools to help our Realtors® provide “first class” services will never cease… Does your broker share this same sentiment? Connect with us today for more information on how to START a career in real estate.

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

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Spring is officially here! As winter finally comes to an end, pastel colors and the appearance of flowers in bloom will start to emerge. Are you wondering how to start your spring cleaning? We’ve got you covered! CLICK HERE to get 5 great tips on how to maintain the exterior of your home!

New Retail Center for Dinuba!

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With an effort to bring more stores and restaurants to the city of Dinuba, the city council just approved a two year option with Capital Rivers Commercial for a 20-acre site immediately east of Wal-Mart. This is great news and it’s a step FORWARD with regards to housing.

Click Here to read the full article published in the Dinuba Sentinel.

“This is a strong move in the right direction for our city. With the new development in our area (especially Ridge Creek Golf Course), Woodside Homes are definitely getting retailers to notice Dinuba. As the area becomes more developed, Dinuba will appear to be a more desirable community to live in.” –Crystal Diaz & Christina Valdez-Realtors® at Guarantee Real Estate Dinuba Branch

How Will the Decision Impact the Community?
City of Dinuba Planner II Cristobal Carrillo said that the city’s analysis showed “less than significant impact.”

“We pride ourselves on working with the community and city to make sure it’s an economically viable project for both the members of the community and retailers.”-Greg Aguirre, CEO of Capital Rivers Commercial

Inspiration Park

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Written by: Mannie Camarena

Last month my sons and I were in desperate need of some sun and a “run-free” zone with lots of space. As most children do when they’re excited for a three day weekend, my kids were running around the house and bouncing off of every wall they could find. I knew just where to take them…Inspiration Park!

Inspiration Park is located in Northwest Fresno and is the first universally accessible park in Central California. The park offers a wide range of activities for all ages and abilities. It features a variety of sports, recreation areas, and a playground with low incline ramps. The swings are wheelchair accessible and the basketball hoops are adjustable to any skill and age level!

Our Day at the Park
Our first stop was the telescope at Lookout Mountain, and then we headed over to the windpipes to make music. The kiddos got a kick out of the different sounds they were able to achieve.

Some of the other areas we visited were the hydraulic elevator, the various different slides, and the aero glider. If you’re wondering what an aero glider is, just imagine a pirate ship on rockets. Once you have enough momentum you should really hold on!

There are just so many activities to enjoy at Inspiration Park and it’s the perfect recreation spot for all seasons. During the summer months kids can enjoy the Splash Pad. Be sure to bring your sunscreen though!

Serving the Community and Neighborhoods
The park has a community center which is managed by the on-site Boys and Girls Club and free lunch is provided to children during the summer season. I love the community center because it serves as a wonderful haven for our community and neighborhoods.

If you’ve never visited Inspiration Park, I strongly encourage you to make plans for your family to visit. I guarantee there is no better place to roam free.

The address of Inspiration Park is 5770 W. Gettysburg Ave. Try to avoid driving during peak times and if you happen to see me and my three boys, stop and say, “hi!”

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Guarantee Offers Direct Deposit Commissions

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TIME is what’s considered when conducting business and planning daily routines. A Realtor’s® schedule is flexible, however an additional 1-2 hours per week is the difference between an Associate’s ability to make and accept a listing appointment. Guarantee Real Estate understands this, which is why we felt it was necessary to provide an additional option for our Realtors® to receive commissions.

Direct Deposit Commissions are Now Offered at Guarantee!
In the past our Associates were required to wait for their commission checks to arrive at their offices. We are happy to announce that Guarantee now offers direct deposit commissions! The benefit of this service has proven to make life much easier for our Sales Agents.

“Direct deposit has made managing my finances easier. I get paid on holidays and the service saves me time and money without the extra trips to the bank.”
– Nicholas Guerrero, a Realtor® at Guarantee Clovis Branch

The service is an awesome convenience for our Associates who live and work out of the Fresno area. Long gone are the days of waiting for a check to arrive via U.S. Postal Mail.

“I love direct deposit. As soon as my Manager approves my commission the pay is processed and in most cases, it will post to my account by 6 AM the next morning. I love it! This certainly beats the old days of snail mail. Guarantee loves making our lives as easy as possible.”
– Crystal Diaz, a Realtor® at Guarantee Dinuba Branch

We Care About our Associates!
Our main goal is to be the Premier Provider of the real estate experience around the home sale transaction. We are continuously looking for new opportunities and tools that will save our Realtors® time and money. Does your broker share this same sentiment? Connect with us today for more information.

Guarantee Honored by Community Food Bank!

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Last week Guarantee Real Estate was honored for its 3-year participation in the fundraiser for Hunger Heroes; a Community Food Bank campaign to fight hunger in Central California. The awards ceremony was held at the Piccadilly Inn on Shaw/Van Ness and included the recognition of 7 other organizations that were present.

In an effort to support the Community Food Bank, Guarantee worked diligently to raise over $39,000 in monetary donations during the years of 2015-2017. With the Community Food Bank’s tremendous buying power, the money raised provided thousands of meals to local families.

Why is Guarantee so Successful at Fundraising?
“It’s the spirit of who we are! We value the ‘Spirit of Caring’ not only for our Realtors® and clients, but we genuinely CARE about the community we serve…Also, it helps that we have highly competitive and enthusiastic Associates who don’t like being second to anything.” -Andy Nazaroff, President/CEO of Guarantee Real Estate

In addition to receiving an award for the organization to raise the most funds during a 3-year period, The Guarantee Palm/Nees branch was recognized for the most improved in fundraising efforts from year to year.

“Guarantee Palm/Nees is an inspiration and we are the best of the best! As our CEO said, we never settle for second. I declare that we’ll do it again in 2018. It’s all about TEAMWORK… Individually we are just a drop of water, but together we are as strong as an ocean wave!” -Diane Hill, Sales Associate at Guarantee Palm/Nees

About The Community Food Bank
The Community Food Bank is dedicated to ending hunger in Central California by providing food to anyone in the community with a need. The organization serves 200 agencies in 5 counties and provides food to about 280,000 people each month. $.97 of every dollar goes directly to feeding programs and services. During the fiscal year of 2017 the Community Food Bank served over 40 million pounds of food to the counties of Fresno, Madera, Kings, Kern, and Tulare.

Volunteers packing food

How Can I Get involved?
Guarantee Real Estate will be participating in the fundraiser for Hunger Heroes again this year. We are gearing up for the 2018 campaign which will kick off during the month of April and will run through mid May. All of our offices will be competing against each other to see which office will raise the most funds. If you see one of our office representatives out and about in the communities, we encourage you to be generous and to PLEASE GIVE to this most worthy cause.

Why Trust Guarantee Real Estate?

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Success Matters
If success matters, then take look at the facts… In 2017 we sold over 4,000 homes – The most in the market!

Knowledge Matters
Our Neighborhood Experts have inside information about every neighborhood and can help you locate your dream home. We have the “inside advantage,” and we know about hot new listings before others find out!

Exposure Matters
Looking to sell your home? We give your home the MASSIVE EXPOSURE it needs to sell at top market value! With Internet exposure, professional ads, and direct contact with professional buyers, your home’s marketing needs are completely covered!

Experience Matters
Our Realtors® are educated, professionally trained, and mentored by the finest management and senior real estate professionals of the area.

If success, knowledge, exposure, and experience matters to you, then connect with a Realtor® at the most trusted brand for almost 100 years. Guarantee Real Estate. We CARE about you and we are committed to helping you achieve the American Dream of buying and selling real estate.

Guarantee Thinks Long Term

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The new California Real Estate laws require Realtors® to add their licensing information to all of their marketing signs for advertising properties. All new signs are in compliance, but what will our Associates do with their older signs?

We realize that the new rule imposed by the California Department of Real Estate came as a surprise to many of of our Sales Associates. To relieve our Realtors® of the stress involved with replacing signage, we decided to remedy the situation with one simple gesture. We purchased “name rider stickers” for every Associate! The new stickers have all of the required information printed on them, and they were issued to each Associate free of charge! This will ensure that every Guarantee Real Estate Realtor® sign is in compliance with the California laws of real estate advertising.

We Think Long Term
Our objective is to never draw attention to all of the “good” that we do for our Associates and clients. That’s not what we represent. We just want you to understand how a relationship with one of the most trusted brands in Central California for almost 100 years is necessary for your success.

We think long term when it comes to our Associates and then we plan ahead to solve the issues that come with the business. It’s just the right thing for a real estate brokerage to do.

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