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Guarantee Sponsors the Jazz and Blues Exhibit-Celebration

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Guarantee Real Estate just announced a $1,000 sponsorship for The African-American Historical & Cultural Museum’s Jazz & Blues Exhibit-Celebration.

About the African-American Historical and Cultural Museum
The African-American Historical and Cultural Museum of the San Joaquin Valley was founded in 1986 by retired Fresno City police officer, Sergeant Jack Kelly and his wife Rosa Kelley. It is the only non-profit educational facility of its kind. The museum houses hundreds of historical photographs, artifacts and memorabilia dating back to the 1880’s which documents the numerous contributions of local African-Americans who live or are from the San Joaquin Valley. Pictorial exhibits profiling African- Americans who have excelled in the fields of government, politics, art, education, religion, health, business, law, medicine, sports, agriculture, and the work of local African-American artist are prominently displayed for educational tours.

Learn more at their website by CLICKING HERE
CLICK HERE to book a tour

The Jazz & Blues Exhibit-Celebration
This years celebration will honor the first Black radio station owner, the late Woody Miller and blues legend Bobby Brown. The event is on Saturday June 15th 6pm -10:30pm and will feature a concert with honoree Bobby Brown and other local artist.

Please help the African-American Historical & Cultural Museum Reach Their Goals
The African-American Historical & Cultural Museum needs your support to make this event the best it can be… Be a hundred dollar community supporter! CLICK HERE to become a Top 100 supporter.

The Guarantee Goodwill Network Fund is a donor-advised fund, established at the Central Valley Community Foundation, to encourage Guarantee employees to give back to the communities where they live and work.

Summer Lawn Care | REM #61

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How to avoid seller burn out . . .

I’m not talking about your home’s days on market. How do you avoid the summer heat from burning up your lawn? How do you keep it green and pristine while it’s on the market?

I spoke with my friend Jeff Kollenkark of Weedman Fresno and he offered up a few simple solutions in hopes that our 2 days a week watering will be increased to 3 on June first.

  1. Fix your sprinkler coverage. Are sprinklers blocked by shrubs or are their nozzles clogged?
  2. Do the screw driver test. If it doesn’t go in 4-6 inches down easily, the ground needs more water.
  3. On the days you aren’t allowed to have your sprinklers on – use your hose and spot water the dry spots.
  4. Of course, if these tips aren’t enough, call Jeff at Weedman Fresno and get an expert’s opinion on what may be needed.

Guarantee Good Will Network Donates $20,000 in the first 4 months of 2019

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Guarantee Good Will Network

The Guarantee Good Will Network is proud to have helped make the Central Valley a better place to call home by donating $20,000 to local non-profits during the first 4 months of 2019. The Guarantee Good Will Network is funded by contributions from Guarantee Real Estate, their real estate agents, and employees.

Donations were made to:

Fresno Fire Chief’s Foundation – $2,500

Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD) – $1,000

Hinds Hospice – $2,500

Rotary Club of Reedley – $1,000

Marjaree Mason Center – $2,500

Fresno Art Museum – $2,500

An Evening to Treasure: Prom experience dedicated to young adults affected by disability – $1,000

Central California Food Bank – $1,500

The Cat House on the King – $1,500

Sleep in Heavenly Peace: Beds for children of families in need – $1,500

Agewell Fresno: Alzheimer’s Association – $1,000

The Guarantee Good Will Network continues its commitment in 2019 to helping make our community a better place.

The Guarantee Goodwill Network Fund is a donor-advised fund, established at the Central Valley Community Foundation, to encourage Guarantee employees to give back to the communities where they live and work.

1031 Exchange | REM #60

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Featuring Aaron Waldrum, Operations Manager at Guarantee Real Estate, Palm Herndon

Looking for a great approach to build wealth?

Whether you have a single rental property or have a real estate portfolio with multiple rentals, farms, and commercial property, a 1031 Exchange can help you generate more income and get you where you want to go financially!

Our friend Ron Ricard from IPX 1031 says the biggest mis-conception about a 1031 is what type of property you can buy. The phrase “like property” is always the hang up because it’s so vague.

Truth is, when selling an Income property, a 1031 exchange can help you reinvest those earnings into ANY other income producing property. That means you could sell an orchard to buy an apartment building, or sell a rental and buy a gas station! This is how you start to generate real wealth and when investing becomes real fun!

HOA Pros & Cons | REM #59

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Home buyers have many things to consider when considering a home for purchase: Location, price, square feet and condition are among the initial factors.

Beyond those, one area that can either entice a buyer, or be a deal breaker is a Home Owner’s Association, or HOA.

An HOA typically involves a recurring fee that goes to cover maintenance of common areas in the neighborhood.

The CC&R’s in an HOA – or covenants, conditions, and restrictions are designed to help the neighborhood keep it’s uniformity from an architectural design to the maintenance of front yards.

Some buyers don’t like the idea of red tape an HOA may present as it may feel overbearing. But that same red tape may prevent a neighbor from rowdy parties, leaving their trash cans out, or letting their property go to blight.

The bottom line – it comes down to preference.

If you like a property in an HOA – ask your REALTOR what it covers and get a copy of the CC&R’s to dig deeper.

When to Sell Your Home | REM #58

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Spring time is here, summer will soon be heating up, graduations are around the corner and so are vacations and lots of outdoor fun.

Is it any surprise that these are the BEST months to put your home on the market?

Just this last week ATTOM data solutions turned in a report from their study of 8 years of property sales all over the country – over TWENTY EIGHT MILLION PROPERTY SALES were studied!

Here’s what they found – the months that buyers have been willing to pay a premium over what the property’s are worth are:
May, June & July

Now this doesn’t mean you can throw your house on the market and expect to get 9-10% over market values.

You still have to have a strategy, great marketing with exposure to the most buyers.
Something I would encourage you to ask your REALTOR a little more about.

Agreeing on a Home | REM #57

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Have you ever heard that opposites attract?

It’s often true and might be great in a relationship, but in real estate it can be a challenge!

Sometimes it’s comical.

Sometimes it’s uncomfortable!

One person may love the house while the other hates it.

One may seem like they like it, but later has remorse.

Or worse yet . . . they just argue and fight over not seeing eye to eye on any home they see.

So how do you avoid this?

Here’s the best advice I’ve received and handed out to home buyers over the years:

Each of you make a separate list – of up to 20 things you really want in your new home.

Do the list separately and force yourself to get as many things on the list that you can think of.

Then, compare your lists together & look for 5 or more things that you have in common.

Usually, this creates a healthy foundation for a conversation about deal breakers and areas of compromise among your wants and needs.

Neighborhood Warning Signs | REM #56

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So you have finally found the house you are looking for, but what about the neighborhood?

Nobody wants to buy a home in a bad neighborhood and identifying a bad neighborhood may not be as easy as it sounds.

Here’s a couple of warning signs to look out for:

#1 Too many homes for sale in the neighborhood. I’m not talking about just a couple of homes for sale, but an overwhelming number. Check out sales over the past year as well.

#2 Local school enrollment could be a warning sign. If enrollment is consistently going down, that may be an indication of homeowners leaving the neighborhood.

#3 Vacancies in local business buildings. Empty stores may be an indication of a neighborhood in decline.

#4 Not enough parking … Is everyone parking on the street? Where will your friends and family members park when they visit?

For the best hedge against picking a bad neighborhood, leverage a REALTOR who specializes in the area.

Real Estate Appreciation | REM #55

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The central California real estate market is up year over year!
Home prices are up 7.3%

This is great news!

But what if I told you that your return on investment is even MORE than that?
It’s true!

If you bought the average priced home a year ago – $300,000 and put 10% down
You would have invested thirty thousand into your home.

In one year – your home would have appreciated twenty one thousand dollars!
Are you following?

Thirty Thousand dollar investment resulted in a Twenty One Thousand Dollar Appreciation.

Now I know that my analytical friends will find ways to poke holes in this . . .I didn’t mention closing costs when you bought it nor did I mention what it would cost to sell your home to get this money back . . . but I’m not advocating that!

Real Estate is a great investment. Period.

Consider what getting into a home could do for your portfolio. It’s never too late to start.

Spring Cleaning | REM #54

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With the arrival of the spring cleaning season comes the perfect time to tune up your home for ongoing maintenance, efficiency and to get the best possible price if you plan to sell.
So what are some of the items to attend to?
• Service your heating and air conditioning system
• Check for any roof damage from winter rains and storms
• Fix broken sprinkler valves and tidy up landscaping
• Remove debris from rain gutters
• Repair/replace windows and screens
• Caulk around sinks and in showers
• Power wash vinyl siding
• Consider calling a foundation specialist for cracking or deteriorating floors and walls
And, of course, call your real estate professional who will be happy to provide a list of preferred contractors and vendors to get your home in tip-top shape!

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