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REM #76 | Open Houses

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Perusing real estate listings can be nothing less than addictive. We’ve all spent time browsing the internet, ogling homes for sale that we didn’t intend—or couldn’t afford—to buy. It’s fun!

But would you ever hop in the car and do the same – in person?

This is Linda Hergenrader with Guarantee Real Estate… and, regardless of whether buying or selling is in your near future, there are many benefits to attending open houses.

I mean, here’s a chance to really get a grip on what you can expect to find… within your budget. 

…but even if you don’t find your dream home, you might meet your dream agent. What better way to interview candidates than by seeing them in action at an open house?

You’ll also get a real feel for any neighborhood you visit, while learning about potential neighbors, and how you might fit in.

And maybe most importantly, learn about your wants and needs, by seeing a variety of layouts… and the amenities that catch your eye. You just might be surprised!

I hope to see you… at an open house this weekend 😊.

Reviewing Your Purchase Agreement | REM #74

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The purchase agreement contains important information that maps out how a transaction should go.

I’m David Sheppard, Sales Manager at Guarantee Real Estate, with some important things to consider when reviewing that agreement.

Whether it’s your first time buying or selling a home, or if you’ve bought and sold many homes over the years… you may be surprised by some of the terms within the purchase agreement.

Contingency periods, for example, are a vital part of a purchse and are what give buyers and sellers a way out if needed… and also specify how much time a buyer has to line up inspections, appraisals, loan approval, replacement home contingencies and more.

Agent selection is key; they will need to understand the wants and needs of the buyer and seller to better guide you in making the strongest offer possible; price is not always the most important term to a seller. So knowing what the seller needs in order to move on can help ensure a much better buying experience.

Guarantee Donates $1,000 to Evangel Home

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The Guarantee Good Will Network has donated $1,000 to Evangel Home. Evangel Home’s mission is to:

• To serve women and children in crisis;
• To meet their basic physical needs;
• To promote personal development and responsibility;
• To encourage spiritual growth;
• To uphold and honor Jesus Christ in all we do;

The Evangel Home offers emergency shelter for women and children and provides services for helping women get back on their feet.  Guarantee is proud to support the Fundraising Banquet on September 10th. The funds will be used to help improve the aging equipment at the home.

Thank you Evangel Home for all you do in the community!  And thanks to their new director, Sarah Dawson for visiting us recently at our Fig Garden office!

How can I help support the Evangel Home?

Please visit their website at and click the Donate button…. Also stay in touch with the latest on what is going on at Evangel home by signing up for the news letter by clicking HERE.


The Guarantee Goodwill Network Fund is a donor-advised fund, established at the Central Valley Community Foundation, to encourage Guarantee employees to give back to the communities where they live and work.

Post-Mortgage Application Don’ts | REM #73

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Congratulations! You have been pre-approved for a mortgage and found your dream home! You’re beyond excited and ready to decorate your new home! But before you make any big purchases or move money around, consult your loan officer. Here are six things you should not do after applying for a mortgage! Some may seem obvious, but some may not!

1. Don’t change jobs or the way you are paid at your job!
2. Don’t deposit cash into your bank accounts.
3. Don’t make any large purchases like a new car or new furniture for your new home.
4. Don’t co-sign other loans for anyone.
5. Don’t apply for new credit.
6. Don’t close any credit accounts.

Bottom Line is, any change in income, assets, or credit could affect your loan. The best advice…. disclose and discuss your plans with your loan officer before you do anything financial in nature. They are there to help and guide you through the process.

Permit Required? | REM #72

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Measure twice and cut once. For some, this is a calling… and DIY projects are no problem. I’m Kyle Chaney, Sales Manager at Guarantee Real Estate… and first to admit that for others… like me… help from friends and professionals might be needed. Either way, when tackling a home improvement project – always check to see if a permit is required.

When you go to sell your home… buyers and, sometimes even the lender, will want to know if remodels were done with a permit… and having a permit can salvage your sale.

As a general rule of thumb, items that are mechanical, structural or electrical will require a permit.
Items like painting, flooring, changing of faucets, and most landscaping will not.

Permits will vary city-by-city, so it’s always advised to start with your local building department to be on the safe side. If you are looking for a recommendation on potential vendors… and want to know how these projects may affect home value and your equity position — contact your local Realtor.

Guarantee Bed Drive for Sleep In Heavenly Peace

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Guarantee Real Estate concluded it’s 3 week bed drive to support Sleep In Heavenly Peace.  All of the offices participated in donating new items to be donated for underprivileged children in the Central Valley.

At Guarantee we love the community where we live and work and it was fun to have the opportunity to make a difference.

How Can You Help Sleep in Heavenly Peace

● Make a donation of NEW twin bedding(sheets, comforters, pillows)-  You can drop them off at ANY Lithia Dealership Fresno & Clovis
● Volunteer for our upcoming Build Days-Delivery days *deliveries 2nd Saturday of every month
● Like us and share us on Facebook @SHPFRESNOCLOVIS
● Volunteer to help deliver beds to the kiddos that are sleeping on the floor in Fresno/Clovis area
● Sponsor a Build Day at your business/church/school
● Bedding Drive at your business/church/school
● Make a monetary donation to our chapter to support future build days & needs of charity locally – You can reach out to us to pick up a check or drop one off at any time at Lithia Subaru in Fresno
● Spread the word of our charity with your friends and family
● Join our committee working on growing our charity to help
Learn more about Sleep in Heavenly Peace here:

Guarantee Donates $1,000 to the Sierra Foothill Conservancy

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The Guarantee Good Will Network announced a $1,000 grant to Sierra Foothill Conservancy. The grant will assist the organization with its mission to maintain important habitat, family ranches, and clean water resources for current and future generations to enjoy.

About Sierra Foothill Conservancy

Sierra Foothill Conservancy is a land trust doing critical work in the central Sierra foothills. Over the past twenty years, the organization has conserved over 28,000 acres in Fresno, Madera, Mariposa, and Eastern Merced county region by protecting the lands.

Sierra Foothill Conservancy provides recreational and educational opportunities in the lands they protect. The organization also offers guided hikes to the stunning table top mountains and surrounding land.

The Conservancy is a wonderful outdoor classroom where youth can learn about the protection of natural habitat and resources. Educational offerings include: astronomy, orienteering classes, as well as plein air art events.

How Can I Help?

Your contribution to Sierra Foothill Conservancy is heavily leveraged. Every $1 donated supports $15 to $30 in direct land protection efforts. With your support, the Conservancy can advance community driven conservation efforts, act quickly to protect threatened lands, and ensure land and water conservation remains a priority in the community. Click here to discover more ways to make an impact with Sierra Foothill Conservancy.

The Guarantee Goodwill Network Fund is a donor-advised fund, established at the Central Valley Community Foundation, to encourage Guarantee employees to give back to the communities where they live and work.

Guarantee Donates $1,150 to Habitat for Humanity Fresno County

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The Guarantee Good Will Network has donated $1,150 to Habitat For Humanity.

About Habitat for Humanity

Habitat seeks to end poverty housing and increase homeownership by uniting individuals, families, and communities to build affordable homes.
Habitat families are taught basic construction skills that they use to help build their home. They also learn about home maintenance, home improvement, interior design, neighborhood involvement, budgeting, consumer awareness, and how to cooperate with others.

How Can I Get Involved?

To learn more about what Habitat for Humanity does, or how you might get involved by volunteering to help build a home, visit their web site,

The Guarantee Goodwill Network Fund is a donor-advised fund, established at the Central Valley Community Foundation, to encourage Guarantee employees to give back to the communities where they live and work.

Guarantee Donates $1,000 to Inspire One

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The Guarantee Good Will Network has given a $1,000 donation to Inspire One. The donation will help replenish the organization’s funding for Biola Enrichment Days and help to continue with its vision: “inspire one, by loving those in front of you.” 


It is the belief of its founder- Licia Clark, that if a virtuous seed has been planted in the lives of children during their youth, then fear and frustration will not have room to grow. If one pursues “the call” to inspire, the lights of purpose and expectation will ignite and the lives of children will change by the effort of those who care.


About Inspire One

Inspire One continues to push forward and break barriers that divide children from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The organization seeks to enlighten, teach and develop the gifts of ALL children. Through community involvement, cultivating friendships, building team work and developing the talents of children through music and fine arts, Inspire One has accomplished a lot in the Central Valley.

Biola Enrichment Days

Biola is a small farming community just a few miles west of Fresno off of Shaw Avenue. It is a community with great needs. Many in the town work as farm laborers, which puts them in the fields all day during the summers, leaving their children at home alone. For the past 12 years Inspire One volunteers have gathered for three weeks in July giving the children a place to go and things to do! Over 100 children attend, ranging in ages from 5 to 13 and older children in the community have an opportunity to volunteer, helping the younger ones. 

The mornings are packed full of activities! They are divided into 3 sessions, with the kids in appropriate age groups. Each group rotates through crafts, creative arts, and games or outside activities, including photography, sewing & cooking. Fridays are fun days, with movies, popcorn, and outside water games! At the end of the three weeks, the children put on a play for their families and the community. 

How Can I Get Involved?

Inspire One can continue to impact the lives of children with the continued support of those who give by volunteering and those who generously give financially. Learn how you can Inspire One by clicking here

For information email:


Choosing The Right Agent | REM #71

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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you had no control? Found yourself feeling anxious or nervous?

I’m Jennifer Hixson, Sales Manager at Guarantee Real Estate, and if you’re at all like me, you know exactly how that feels!

But what if you felt that way while you were buying or selling a home?… family land?… or even a business or investment property?

To avoid uncertainty, and those skittish emotions during important times like these, we believe choosing the right agent to represent you is crucial… and goes a long way toward bypassing those unsettling feelings.

-take time as you find a realtor that you can trust…
-build a relationship with them first…
-and make sure that what’s important to you, is equally important to your agent.

They will make intelligent choices that focus on your goals!

So before jumping into the process with an unfamiliar agent, make sure the agent is someone you can trust and is the right person — for you!

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