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A Good Year for Buyers and Sellers | REM #48

Why is 2019 a good year for both buyers and sellers?

For buyers, interest rates have been – and still are – expected to rise in 2019… but so far, they have actually gone down from where they were at the end of the year. While rates are dependent on factors such as credit score and loan type… in most cases, they remain below 5% which is historically low. Low rates combined with steadily increasing inventory make it a great time to buy!

For sellers here in Fresno County, even though inventory has gone up 27% since last January, it is still considered a seller’s market at 3.4 months supply of inventory. However, it’s not expected to be that way for long. Inventory is expected to continue to rise which means more competition and more days on market.

If you’ve thought about buying or selling, call one of our trusted professionals here at guarantee real estate and make it happen today!

Video featuring:

Jeff Starbuck, Sales Manager, Palm Herndon
Aaron Waldrum, Operations Manager, Palm Herndon

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