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Guarantee Home Safety Tips for Halloween

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Many children look forward to Halloween-The one day they can dress up and collect as many candy & treats their hands will allow. At Guarantee, we want all of our neighborhoods to enjoy the festivities of Halloween, but we want to encourage safety as well. Below are three important safety tips to keep top of mind when handing out treats this year.

Use Lots of Lights and Avoid Using Candles
A dark home can tell people you’re not expecting visitors. It could also be an accident waiting to happen. Be sure to keep the pathway from the street to your door well-lit. A glowing jack-o’-lantern makes your home warm and welcoming to children, but using a candle to illuminate a pumpkin can be dangerous. Costumes and paper decoration are easily flammable, so instead of using a candle, use fun light-up decorations that are battery operated.

Keep Your Walkway Clear
The fall season produces lots of leaves. Remember to sweep away dirt, leaves, and branches from your driveway or sidewalk. Trick-or-treaters are usually too preoccupied by counting their candy to pay close attention to where they’re walking, so it’s important to inspect your yard for hazards. Be sure your yard and walkways are free of water hoses, sprinklers, and loose gravel. If your home has an irrigation system, turn the system off so your lawn and walkways have a chance to dry.

Use Your Garage
The night before Halloween can be full of mischief, and the night of Halloween can lead to a yard full of kids. If your car is left outside of the garage, it can be a target for pranks, accidental dents and scratches. Be sure to park your car inside of your garage. If you don’t have a garage, try to park your car in a place with low traffic.

Have a safe and fun Halloween from your friends at Guarantee Real Estate!

Clovis Botanical Gardens

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Written by: Nina Sensenbaugh

My grandson and I spent a summer day at the Clovis Botanical Gardens this year. The plants are absolutely magnificent year round! Our day trip was eventful with lots fun and laughter, and we can’t wait to return during the Fall/Winter to experience the changes, and look of the gardens.

We first stopped at the gift shop to load up on water. While at the gift shop my grandson spotted some interesting looking stickers, and of course, grandma just had to buy those for him. On our way out of the gift shop, the many lizards crawling and running around outside gave us a few moments of entertainment. We had a lot of fun watching them as they scurried away to find a hiding place from the visitors.

The Clovis Botanical Gardens
The Clovis Botanical Gardens is a three-acre water-wise demonstration garden composed of beautiful plants, and landscapes specifically unique to the San Joaquin Valley. This gem is completely run by a group of dedicated volunteers who make sure the plants thrive during the hot summers, and continue to live during the cool winters. The purpose of the Clovis Botanical Gardens is to promote water conservation, while providing education, and inspiration to the public.

The Inspiration Behind the Idea
The idea of such an oasis of beauty was presented to the Clovis City Council in 1993 by Gordon Russell. Russell was inspired by his visits to other botanical gardens, and he realized that the San Joaquin Valley could richly benefit from his experience. In 1995 legal non-profit status was granted to the Clovis Botanical Garden Committee, Inc.

There are several events that take place at the Clovis Botanical Gardens year round. Twilight Thursdays takes place mid September-early October. A $1 donation is requested at the gate for live concerts, and family enjoyment. Family style picnic dinners are encouraged at the events.

There is an upcoming Water Wise Plant Sale on October 21, 8 am-1 pm. A VIP showing is available on October 20, 5 pm – 7 pm

Location/Hours of Operation
The Clovis Botanical Garden is located at 945 N. Clovis Avenue, Clovis, CA 93611. It is open Wednesday – Sunday 9 am – 4 pm. Please note: The garden is closed for the holidays on January 1, July 4, Thanksgiving Day, and December 24 & 25.

For more information regarding the Clovis Botanical Gardens you may call (559) 298-3091 OR email admin@clovisbotanicalgarden.or.

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The Hidden Treasures of Clovis North

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Written by: Carol Spencer

The demand to live in the Clovis North Neighborhood has never been higher. The many reasons are too long to list, as I’m sure you can imagine. One of the hottest spots to hit the streets this year was the grand opening of Fresno’s newest Dutch Bros location on Maple/Perrin. While I can’t claim to be a member of the “Dutch Mafia,” my youngest daughter has been singing the praises of the company and the coffee for years. It’s true, people came in droves to the grand opening and hopefully the crowds took the time to notice the diamond in the rough Mom-n-Pop cafe in the very same strip mall. This gem of a restaurant is the purpose of this article!

The Manna Cafe, at 10063 N Maple Ave, is open daily from 7am-3pm and offers breakfast all day! Another Realtor, two of my daughters, and I took a trip over for lunch recently. Both of my daughters have unfortunate dietary restrictions for health reasons including but not limited to severe gluten intolerance. They constantly struggle to find restaurants that can accommodate their needs along with a staff sensitive to the fact that they can’t help but have these issues.

The moment we walked in, we were greeted with a warm and friendly hello and were invited to sit wherever we would like. The customer service never faltered, and the experience couldn’t have been more pleasant. The Manna Cafe boasts a gluten-free menu, and while other establishments offer a few options, here it seems nearly 75% of the menu can be made to accommodate a gluten-free diet. We were all amazed that the cafe offers so many options!

Our food arrived and let’s just say it was a pretty quiet meal with no complaints! Everything was fresh, hot, and presented quite nicely. We will be going back, again and again.

While there are so many obvious reasons to love being a part of the Clovis North Neighborhood, it can be easy to miss the almost hidden treasures we drive by every day. If you haven’t taken the time to stop and have breakfast or lunch at this wonderful restaurant, you just might be missing your new favorite meal. May I recommend the French Dip?

If you have been entertaining the idea of making a move to the Clovis North Neighborhood, don’t hesitate any longer, contact me; your Clovis North Neighborhood Expert today!

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