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Guarantee Good Will Network Donates $38,000 to Local Non-Profits

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During the first six months of 2015 the Guarantee Good Will Network (GGWN) contributed over $38,000 to local non-profit organizations.
The organizations that have received GGWN donations in 2015 are:

Guarantee Real Estate, its agents, and employees contribute to the Guarantee Good Will Network which supports charities whose purpose is to provide Safe Shelter for individuals when they are in a time of need. The Network also contributes to non-profit organizations that provide services and facilities that are available to everyone in our community and make Central California a more enjoyable place to live. Since inception, the GGWN has contributed over $346,000 to help our community.



Search & Rescue Receives Guarantee Good Will Network Support

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The Fresno County volunteer group who risk their lives while saving others who are missing recently received a $1,000 donation from the Guarantee Good Will Network.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue MountaineeringTeam (FresnoSAR) are trained in various search and rescue disciplines including: orienteering, tracking, wilderness/winter survival, first aid/CPR, swift water and high angle rescue, helicopter safety, and search techniques.  The volunteers augment the Fresno County Sheriff’s deputies during urban and wilderness search and rescue operations.

The search and rescue volunteers participate in operations in Fresno, Madera, and Tulare counties, as well as Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Parks.  In addition to search and rescue missions, members participate in community events where they promote safety in the outdoors, including teaching children to “Hug-A-Tree” and other survival tips.

Although the FresnoSAR is associated with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department, they DO NOT receive any government financing and rely strictly on donations to help them obtain needed equipment such as radios, GPS units, ropes, harnesses, and a multitude of other essential items that wear out over time.

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