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Choosing The Right Agent | REM #71

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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you had no control? Found yourself feeling anxious or nervous?

I’m Jennifer Hixson, Sales Manager at Guarantee Real Estate, and if you’re at all like me, you know exactly how that feels!

But what if you felt that way while you were buying or selling a home?… family land?… or even a business or investment property?

To avoid uncertainty, and those skittish emotions during important times like these, we believe choosing the right agent to represent you is crucial… and goes a long way toward bypassing those unsettling feelings.

-take time as you find a realtor that you can trust…
-build a relationship with them first…
-and make sure that what’s important to you, is equally important to your agent.

They will make intelligent choices that focus on your goals!

So before jumping into the process with an unfamiliar agent, make sure the agent is someone you can trust and is the right person — for you!

Avoid Delays During Escrow | REM #70

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Along with the sand, surf and mountains we enjoy in California, we are also tuned in to safety during earthquakes and fires. 

This is Desrie van Putten, Sales Manager at Guarantee Real Estate’s Fig Garden office, with a few things you can do when preparing to sell your single-family home… that can help to avoid delays during escrow.

First, to prevent movement during earthquakes, all water heaters must be supported and strapped with two, 22-gauge, 5/8” or wider metal straps.

Second, be advised that smoke alarms must be in each sleeping room, just outside of each sleeping area – and on each additional story of the home, including basements, but not crawl spaces or attics.

Finally, co alarms must be just outside each sleeping area, on each level including basements, and in bedrooms or bathrooms that contain fuel-burning appliances.

In all but rare instances, these items are required by law — so avoid re-inspection fees, and be a step ahead of the inspector… and the appraiser!

Pitfalls of HERO and PACE Financing | REM #69

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Are you aware of the potential pitfalls that come with using PACE or HERO financing for energy-efficient improvements? Hear more on the topic from the Sales Manager at our Fig Garden Office, Sandy Darling.

Closing Costs | REM #68

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Remember when your parents or grandparents would flip you a couple bucks and say “go get what you want kiddo!” Then you’d race off to the candy aisle for some sugary goodness! You end up with two candy bars (that you’re thinking should cost $1.98) and as the cashier rings them up – you realize you’ve got a problem: sales tax! (hope somebody has spare change?)

Hi, I am Kyle Chaney with Guarantee Real Estate.

Don’t feel panic next time you buy or sell a home… Make sure you understand what closing costs are. These are costs that apply to the sale of a home that both buyer and seller incur.

Like the name implies, they’re paid at the end of your sale before ownership transfers… and typically include escrow fees, insurances, loan origination costs, prepaid interest and a few other items.

Remember, lenders are required by law to provide you a loan estimate – including those closing costs – within 3 days of receiving your application.

Plan on 3 to 5% of the purchase price.

For the best information on what you can and can’t negotiate, work with a local realtor… so you aren’t left scrambling for funds at the last minute.

Getting Pre-Approved | REM #67

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What’s the first step in buying a home? Hear the answer straight from the source, Guarantee Real Estate’s Jeff Starbuck, Manager of our Palm and Herndon office.

Happy Fourth of July | REM #66

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Happy Fourth of July from Guarantee Real Estate! Hear Aaron Waldrum, Operations Manager at our Palm and Herndon office, remind us of what this holiday is all about.

Value of a Local Lender | REM #65

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As we look at the shifting market, we have to ask, “What’s the value of a local lender”?

Look at it like this: In the 80’s there was a TV show that’s became iconic – “Cheers” …and the catch line that everyone knew in the intro song was “where everybody knows your name”.
Everybody loves a place like that? Right? There’s an undeniable sense of comfort and familiarity.

Well, if you want to insure your offer has a better chance of getting accepted, a local lender wins the listing agent over when compared to an offer from an out of town lender in much the same way…

The appraiser who will be brought in for a vital element of the approval process — will know their name. The listing agent that receives your offer — knows their name. And there’s a sense of accountability that comes with a local lender, because all parties involved “know where to find them.” Which is particularly important if the transaction hits any snags.

So the next time you consider working with a lender – go local where everybody there knows their name.

A Strong Market | REM #64

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Recently I have come across countless articles and headlines that talk about the real estate market cooling off.

So many of these reports are over sensationalized and used to get you to subscribe to their newsletter or marketing.

Here’s the deal – there’s home prices and market stats available for everyone. You can easily search online and discover that inventory in Central California is slowly increasing, but the demand is keeping pace.

There’s 2 reasons our housing market is so strong:

  1. Interest rates are continuing to stay low – the lowest in 21 months.
  2. The forecasted economic slowdown and a recession in late 2019 just hasn’t happened. Now economists are pushing those projections past 2020.

Wages are strong. Home prices are still appreciating and mortgage rates are low.

Next time you come across one of those negative real estate articles, don’t fall for some of the oversold stories about our great housing market.

Summer Energy Savings Tips | REM #63

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What are a few tips for saving energy, and money, this summer? Hear the answer straight from the source, Guarantee Real Estate’s South Valley Branch Manager, Jennifer Hixson.

Why Fresno? | REM #62

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You know how the media likes to poke fun at Fresno? We’ve heard all the jokes from late night talk show hosts.

How about some good real estate reasons for Fresno?

I often hear about astounding home prices in southern california, the bay area, or even the central coast.

When I get asked about home prices in Fresno I often find myself answering with this one line – Our average sales price is your down payment.

It’s true! And they’re intrigued.

We have one of the most affordable real estate counties in all of California . . .right here.

Then, when you add on the day trip opportunities to 3 national parks, 2-3 hour drives to the coast or San Francisco.

We have amazing restaurants, big brand shopping, and nationally recognized schools.

Fresno – the 5th largest city in California. It’s a great place to own real estate and an even better place to call home.

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