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Updated VA Loan Program: Real Estate Minute #45

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Hello…  this is Sandy Darling, Sales Manager for the Fig Garden office at Guarantee Real Estate, and I’m here to tell you about an exciting new program for the veterans in our Community. 

So often sellers are reluctant to accept a VA offer, as there is a perception that it will cost the seller more money when all is said-and-done.

Well, times have changed and so has the VA loan program…  but, just to make sure that our veterans get an additional “leg up” on their home purchase, the Fresno Association of Realtors® has a grant program from the Housing Affordability Fund at the California Association of Realtors®. 

With this grant, we are able to give participating sellers a $2,000 incentive to sell to a veteran.  Now that’s a win for both the buyer and the Seller!  And we like that, especially when it helps somebody who has served our great nation.  

If you’re thinking of selling your home, or you’re a veteran looking to buy — please contact me or the Fresno Association of Realtors® for more information.  

Why List High?: Real Estate Minute #44

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Why don’t we list high so we can leave room for negotiation?
This is a common question most home sellers have in pricing their property for sale.
If that’s you – you’re actually right thinking you need to take this into account in how homes get sold. The reality however, is that homebuyers are deterred by this.

You see homebuyers often see homes priced too high as a sign of an unmotivated seller.

If you come out of the gate, overpriced, homebuyers and agents that show properties write you off. The higher the price of the property, the less the seller seems they need to sell it. . . at least that’s what buyers believe from their past experiences.

Now, this approach also assumes that you’ll lower your price down later. Most buyers don’t realize that you’ve lowered the price and depending on email notifications, or flyers to go out means a good chance it’ll go unnoticed.

My advice – price it right from the beginning. Your odds of agents showing it with interested buyers are much higher.

I’m just spit-balling here, but what if you turned this a little like so:

Why don’t we list high so we can leave room for negotiation?
This is a common question most home sellers have in pricing their property for sale — and it’s on every sellers mind at one point or another whether they ask the question or not.

I certainly understand that line of thinking, especially when everyone has been saying how hot the market has been for so long. The reality, however, is that this approach can really work against you. In today’s world, where neighborhood comps and pricing tools are just a few keystrokes away — for anyone with access to the internet — it becomes very clear when a home is over-priced. Being perceived as over-priced will deter potential buyers. Your strategy of lowering the price if you need to — only works if you know that you need to. You will likely never hear from interested buyers who perceive you as overpriced. And you don’t want to be perceived as an unmotivated seller.

My advice… price it right from the beginning. You’ll be glad you did.

How’s the Market 2019: Real Estate Minute #43

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Can you guess the number one question I get asked at Starbucks, my kids’ sports events, or church?

The person asking the question typically knows that I’m in real estate.

They ask – how’s the market?

In 2018 Fresno County sold over 9,000 homes! That’s a great year!

Our average sales price increased 3% – that’s not as high as in year’s past, but the slowing up of appreciation is healthy. Nobody needs prices to get out of control.

The biggest shift in our market has been inventory.

A year ago it was challenging for a first time buyer to find a home and today, with over 20% increase in the number of homes for sale, buyers have just that – more choices.

Interest rates are at or below 5% at the time of this recording and this is the real wildcard for the 2019 forecast.

While I don’t have a crystal ball that works – the outlook for 2019 is good for residential real estate- a balanced year of supply and demand with modest price appreciation.

Here Are The Facts!

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Election season is here and we want buyers and sellers to know the FACTS regarding the local housing market. In this week’s Real Estate Minute (REM) with CEO, Andy Nazaroff, he talks straight TRUTH as it relates to appreciation and increased inventory.

What’s Really Happening in the Valley’s Housing Market?
As home inventory continues to gradually increase and the Valley’s market returns to normalcy, appreciation will continue to slow down. Current homeowners and potential buyers have little to be concerned about. Here’s why: Amidst a market cool down, the housing market will show sustainable growth and homes will become more affordable to Valley residents!

Equity Gained is Shift Towards Style and Opportunity!
During the first quarter of 2018, we encouraged homeowners to maximize their equity gain by using their appreciation to upgrade. We’d like to remind you that you still have time to gain the most from your equity. However, the “window of opportunity” will not stay open for long.

Are you looking for BETTER STYLE and OPPORTUNITY? This is the best time to sell and upgrade. Take a look at our Featured Luxury Homes page and view all of our premium style homes listed at 450K and up.

Your home may be worth more than you think! CONNECT with us TODAY to get a complete analysis of your home’s value.

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