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Advantages | REM #46

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Did you know you have an advantage in real estate right now?

If you could use an advantage in real estate – and it’s not the typical, “buy low, sell high” type of advice, what would you do with it?

In boxing – you hear about one of the boxers having a reach advantage.

In hockey – you have the power play and a numbers advantage.

In basketball – one team might have a height or speed advantage.

In all of those examples – having the advantage leads to one thing – winning.

In real estate, having an advantage might mean being a cash buyer with no contingencies. It might mean having a conventional loan when other buyers are offering with FHA.

However, there’s an ability to have an extra advantage in real estate. That advantage? It’s called representation. Having a trusted advisor. Having someone in your corner, on your team that represents your best interest. Someone that can help you negotiate from a position of strength and advantage, everytime, regardless of your circumstances.

That person – is your Realtor.

Guarantee Home Loans Reopens!

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Guarantee Real Estate is proud to announce the reopening of its home loans division-Guarantee Home Loans!

When Guarantee originally opened for business as a home savings bank, the goal was to offer high quality services through its skilled and trustworthy advisors. We plan to offer that same service today, but with added benefits.

The Guarantee office at Palm & Herndon will serve as the location for our new Loan Officer Scott Reba. Scott is a professional who maintains an exemplary level of trust and respect in the real estate community. Through his past history with Guarantee, Scott has gained knowledge of the Guarantee brand and he plans to provide a valuable service that’s exceptional and incomparable.

“I am a Fresno native and my family has worked in the valley housing industry my entire life. My father managed the Guarantee office at Marks and Bullard for 10 years and now I get to carry on that tradition through mortgage services. I’ve served for the past 21 years in the mortgage industry, and I am a member of the local Mortgage Association. I look forward to bringing my knowledge and expertise to Guarantee Home Loans.”
Scott Reba, Mortgage Loan Officer, Guarantee Home Loans

If you are in need of a home loan and would like to discuss your options for financing, don’t hesitate to CONNECT with Scott today.

Here Are The Facts!

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Election season is here and we want buyers and sellers to know the FACTS regarding the local housing market. In this week’s Real Estate Minute (REM) with CEO, Andy Nazaroff, he talks straight TRUTH as it relates to appreciation and increased inventory.

What’s Really Happening in the Valley’s Housing Market?
As home inventory continues to gradually increase and the Valley’s market returns to normalcy, appreciation will continue to slow down. Current homeowners and potential buyers have little to be concerned about. Here’s why: Amidst a market cool down, the housing market will show sustainable growth and homes will become more affordable to Valley residents!

Equity Gained is Shift Towards Style and Opportunity!
During the first quarter of 2018, we encouraged homeowners to maximize their equity gain by using their appreciation to upgrade. We’d like to remind you that you still have time to gain the most from your equity. However, the “window of opportunity” will not stay open for long.

Are you looking for BETTER STYLE and OPPORTUNITY? This is the best time to sell and upgrade. Take a look at our Featured Luxury Homes page and view all of our premium style homes listed at 450K and up.

Your home may be worth more than you think! CONNECT with us TODAY to get a complete analysis of your home’s value.

A Guarantee Home Buyers Tip

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When you first purchase a home, the initial thought is to change the vibe and decor so that it feels more appealing to you. It’s common to make a list of “things to do” such as; paint the walls and install new carpet. While these activities seem practical, we don’t want you to forget about what’s most important.

A couple Painting their Home

What’s the First Thing a Home Buyer Should do After the Purchase of a Home?
You’d be surprised to know that some home buyers aren’t aware of the necessity to change the locks BEFORE moving in. In fact, not only should the locks be changed, but the following should be updated as well:

Check All Enterance Codes;Check Garage Openers;Check Safe Combinations

You have no idea who the previous homeowners shared access codes with. Furthermore, peace of mind and security are priceless when it comes to the enjoyment of your new home!

The Valley’s Market Enters Neutral Territory!

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In this Week’s Real Estate Minute (REM) Andy Nazaroff, CEO of Guarantee Real Estate explains that for the first time in three years the Valley’s housing market has entered neutral territory! This means the market is currently demonstrating a balance between buyers and sellers.

Take a brief look at the graph down below. It shows a 20% increase in inventory from one year ago.

This is great news for buyers and sellers. More inventory indicates more choices for buyers, and more inventory increases the chance for homeowners to sell at a normal price range.

CONNECT with a Guarantee Realtor® today!

Fall is a Great Season to List Your Home!

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The Process Will Be Fast and Efficient!
Before our buyers shop for a home, we connect them with the most knowledgeable loan officers to secure financing. This saves the buyer time, and it makes the process much easier for YOU as the seller.

Since today’s market has compelled home buyers to step up, you can rest and be sure that many of them have gone beyond the average requirements to obtain mortgage financing.

When you list your home with Guarantee this Fall, your home’s “days on market” won’t be very long. The tenacity of a buyer matched with the commitment of a Guarantee Realtor®, makes the selling process much faster.

CONNECT with a Guarantee Realtor® today and let’s discuss more opportunities for your investment!

The Great Real Estate Recession

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In this week’s Real Estate Minute (REM) with CEO, Andy Nazaroff, we get to take a look back at the Great Real Estate Recession that hit 10 years ago. If we survey the past course of events, we will discover that the Federal Government and the Banking Industry were heroic for their stand during the crisis.

Let’s fast forward and take a look at where we are now.

Since the economy is headed in a positive direction, now is the time to buy and sell.

CONNECT with us today to learn more!

Affordable Homeowner Lifestyle in California’s Central Valley

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Although home prices in the Central Valley have increased over the past 42 months, home values in Fresno, Tulare, Kings, and Madera counties continue to be affordable for the majority of people who live here.  A recent report released by the California Association of Realtors® (CAR) shows that 68% of Fresno county’s population could afford to purchase an entry level home.  The second quarter 2015 CAR report shows Kings county as the most affordable in the State with a 79% First Time Buyer Affordability Index.  Tulare county with 72%, and Madera county with 69% indexes also demonstrate that the Central Valley is the ideal place to make the American dream of home ownership into a reality.




At the opposite end of the affordability spectrum, San Francisco (22%), San Mateo (26%), and Marin (33%) counties make home ownership more daunting for someone interested in purchasing their first home.

The California Association of Realtors® First Time Buyer Housing Affordability Index is updated quarterly.  The survey and the methodology used to generate the report are published on the website

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