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The Value of Neighborhood Parks

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In this week’s Real Estate Minute (REM) with CEO, Andy Nazaroff, he explains the value of neighborhood parks. Did you know that Fresno has over 80 parks and trails? With so many to choose from who wouldn’t want to spend a lovely day in Central California?

Here are Just a Few Suggestions
Located in the heart of Woodward Park is the beautiful Shinzen Garden. This park is patterned after a group of ancient scrolls with a designed layout of all 4 seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. That being said, there is an ever changing experience that one feels when the garden is visited during different times of the year. To see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, you must visit in January because by February, the blossoms are gone. Click HERE to learn more about Shinzen Garden.

Inspiration Park is located in Northwest Fresno and is the first universally accessible park in Central California. The park offers a wide range of activities for all ages and abilities. It features a variety of sports, recreation areas, and a playground with low incline ramps. The swings are wheelchair accessible and the basketball hoops are adjustable to any skill and age level! For more information about this fun playground click HERE.

The benefit of living in the Central Valley is the plentiful, and convenient access to the great outdoors and the countless activities available to us with just a short drive. Hiking, skiing, water sports, mountain biking, and countless other outdoor activities are available to us all year round. The Buchanan neighborhood has a plethora of parks, and several trails that are easily accessible, shade-filled, and pet friendly. Click HERE to discover the enjoyment one can experience while walking on the Buchanan Neighborhood Trail.

Guarantee Real Estate has several neighborhood experts who are ready to assist you with all of your real estate needs. Head over to the Guarantee neighborhoods page to take a look at all of the available homes in every neighborhood.

To locate a Fresno city park or trail near you, click HERE.

Shinzen Friendship Garden Receives $1,000 Guarantee Good Will Network Donation

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The Shinzen Friendship Garden is a traditional northwestern American Japanese Garden located in Fresno’s Woodward Park, bringing the essence of Japan to the San Joaquin valley.  As well as being a beautiful and peaceful oasis, the Garden is an educational ground that is an ideal classroom to nurture ecological awareness, and stimulate interest in Japanese garden history, cultural arts, and horticulture.

The Shinzen Friendsip Garden was constructed in 1981 to honor Fresno’s Sister City, Kochi Japan, celebrating the spirit of understanding and promoting educational and cultural awareness.  The garden is maintained with the help of volunteers who prune and maintain the garden each month.

Shinzen visiting hours vary throughout the year.  Be sure to check their website for their current events and daily hours.

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