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Affordable Homeowner Lifestyle in California’s Central Valley

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Although home prices in the Central Valley have increased over the past 42 months, home values in Fresno, Tulare, Kings, and Madera counties continue to be affordable for the majority of people who live here.  A recent report released by the California Association of Realtors® (CAR) shows that 68% of Fresno county’s population could afford to purchase an entry level home.  The second quarter 2015 CAR report shows Kings county as the most affordable in the State with a 79% First Time Buyer Affordability Index.  Tulare county with 72%, and Madera county with 69% indexes also demonstrate that the Central Valley is the ideal place to make the American dream of home ownership into a reality.




At the opposite end of the affordability spectrum, San Francisco (22%), San Mateo (26%), and Marin (33%) counties make home ownership more daunting for someone interested in purchasing their first home.

The California Association of Realtors® First Time Buyer Housing Affordability Index is updated quarterly.  The survey and the methodology used to generate the report are published on the website

Guarantee Good Will Network Donates $38,000 to Local Non-Profits

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During the first six months of 2015 the Guarantee Good Will Network (GGWN) contributed over $38,000 to local non-profit organizations.
The organizations that have received GGWN donations in 2015 are:

Guarantee Real Estate, its agents, and employees contribute to the Guarantee Good Will Network which supports charities whose purpose is to provide Safe Shelter for individuals when they are in a time of need. The Network also contributes to non-profit organizations that provide services and facilities that are available to everyone in our community and make Central California a more enjoyable place to live. Since inception, the GGWN has contributed over $346,000 to help our community.



Boy Scouts Receive $1,000 Guarantee Good Will Network Donation

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In 2013, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) served over 7,600 young people and their families in Fresno, Madera, Tulare, and Kings Counties.  Through their youth leadership development programs, the BSA helps young people grow into responsible, well-rounded citizens.  To support their efforts, the Guarantee Good Will Network recently made a $1,000 donation to the Sequoia Chapter of the Boy Scouts.

Learn more about the Sequoia Council Boy Scouts and the programs they offer from their web site

American Red Cross Receives Donation from Guarantee Good Will Network

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The Central Valley Chapter of the American Red Crossrecently received a $1,000 donation from the Guarantee Good Will Network. The local chapter provides services to people in Fresno, Madera, Merced, Mariposa, Tulare, Kings, and Kern Counties.
Last year Red Cross volunteers assisted 545 families in the Central Valley when they were forced from their homes due to a disaster, which most frequently occurred due to a fire.  These families received help securing temporary shelter, meals, clothing, emotional support, and health services in order to begin the recovery process.
In addition, Red Cross volunteers prevent tragedies from occurring at home and at the work place by teaching life saving skills of CPR, First Aid, Lifeguard Training, and Babysitter Training.  The Red Cross also educates people about disaster preparedness.  And they provide emergency communications and assistance to military personnel and their families.
You can register for life saving classes, or sign up to become a Red Cross volunteer on their local web site  

Guarantee Good Will Network Makes Donation to Habitaty for Humanity – Tulare County

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The Guarantee Good Will Network made a $1,000 donation to Habitat for Humanity-Tulare County. The donation will support “A Brush With Kindness” and the Rescued Homes” programs.

The “Brush With Kindness” program helps repair houses, one at a time. Volunteers from service groups, businesses, congregations, and community agencies help with repair work for low-income homeowners who are challenged by age, disability, or circumstance.
“A Brush With Kindness” brings resources, volunteers, and homeowners together to repair roofs, paint, landscape, replace damaged windows and doors, repair plumbing and electrical problems, install wheelchair ramps, replace stoves and refrigerators, install weather-stripping and low-flow shower heads, repair or replace floors, and provide general clean up. Homeowners and family members work side by side with volunteers to complete the restoration of their home if they are able. Our program helps individuals live in a safe, decent home and helps restore hope and dignity to their lives.
The “Rescued Homes” program allows families to purchase homes that have been through foreclosure and are left in disrepair. The program works the same way as Habitat’s “New Homes” program, the homeowner must work 500 hours of sweat equity to repair their home and work on other Habitat projects until their hours are finished. When the home is complete they purchase the home from Habitat with a no-profit, no-interest loan.

These programs are making a tremendous impact by improving neighborhoods at the same time they are helping the individual families they assist.

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