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Choosing The Right Agent | REM #71

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you had no control? Found yourself feeling anxious or nervous?

I’m Jennifer Hixson, Sales Manager at Guarantee Real Estate, and if you’re at all like me, you know exactly how that feels!

But what if you felt that way while you were buying or selling a home?… family land?… or even a business or investment property?

To avoid uncertainty, and those skittish emotions during important times like these, we believe choosing the right agent to represent you is crucial… and goes a long way toward bypassing those unsettling feelings.

-take time as you find a realtor that you can trust…
-build a relationship with them first…
-and make sure that what’s important to you, is equally important to your agent.

They will make intelligent choices that focus on your goals!

So before jumping into the process with an unfamiliar agent, make sure the agent is someone you can trust and is the right person — for you!

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