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Home Condition and Inspections | REM #50

One of the fears home buyers have when finding a home they want to make an offer on . . . Is it’s condition.

What if there’s something wrong?

What if expensive repairs are needed?

What if there’s a roof leak?

These fears are justified!

And that’s exactly why the California Realtors Association residential purchase agreement (or RPA) has an inspection contingency.

As a buyer, you have the right to have the home professionally inspected.

You have the right to have a roofer, a termite, and an air conditioning contractor inspect the property.

And you aren’t limited there!

Based on what your inspectors find, the RPA says you can ask the seller to fix the issue, ask for a credit to fix it yourself, or cancel the purchase.

As you’re looking for a home to purchase, be conscious of the condition of the home, but know that your Realtor has a contingency to protect you if something isn’t right.

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