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John Miller – Spirit of Cooperation Memorial Blood Drive

It is with regret that we announce the passing of John Miller, retired Realtor® at Guarantee Real Estate. John contributed almost 40 years to the industry of Real Estate and the memories of him will hold a special place in the hearts of many at Guarantee.

“John was a close personal friend and Christian brother for over 20 yrs, and it was my great privilege to work and fellowship with him. I will miss him greatly.”
Carl Wooten, Realtor®, Guarantee Real Estate

“Sometimes we have the blessing of having someone leave an imprint on our lives as a mentor just by the way they carry themselves and live out their faith in quiet humility. John was one of those mentors for me. I’m eternally grateful for him.”
Andy Nazaroff, President & CEO, Guarantee Real Estate

Join With Us In The Spirit of Cooperation!

As a leukemia patient, John was a beneficiary of Blood Center donations. He recognized (even more so as he courageously fought his battle) the importance of giving blood.

In honor of John’s final wishes, Guarantee Real Estate will join with The Central California Blood Centers and Realty Concepts to host a joint blood drive on Saturday, September 22. In memory of John and others like him, Guarantee Real Estate and Realty Concepts hope to illustrate the good that local businesses can produce when they join together in the Spirit of Cooperation. Click HERE to learn more.

Let’s Celebrate As We Cooperate!

We hope that you will join in the effort and meet us at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District on 9/22. Great food and activities will be available to make this an exciting event.

Donating blood is a wonderful opportunity to help replenish the life of another. As you give, another will give and together we become united with one goal of refilling the supply of LIFE.

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