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Move-Up Buyer Advantages

What is the biggest opportunity in the Fresno/Clovis housing market right now! It is the move-up buyer! Hi I’m John Stone with The Stones Real Estate Team at Guarantee Real Estate.

Why does the move-up buyer have an advantage when they sell and buy?

It is simple supply and demand. There are many more buyers than homes for sale under $350,000… and many more homes than buyers for homes over $450,000. To put that into perspective from an inventory standpoint, there is less than 2-months-supply of inventory for homes under $350… and there is 5-to-8-months-supply of inventory for homes over $450.

The move-up seller has the opportunity to get top-dollar when they sell, and negotiate a great deal when they buy! So… for the first time in a long time the move-up buyer has an advantage when they sell… And buy!

If you’re considering moving up to the home of your dreams… this is the perfect time to do so!

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