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REM #76 | Open Houses

Perusing real estate listings can be nothing less than addictive. We’ve all spent time browsing the internet, ogling homes for sale that we didn’t intend—or couldn’t afford—to buy. It’s fun!

But would you ever hop in the car and do the same – in person?

This is Linda Hergenrader with Guarantee Real Estate… and, regardless of whether buying or selling is in your near future, there are many benefits to attending open houses.

I mean, here’s a chance to really get a grip on what you can expect to find… within your budget. 

…but even if you don’t find your dream home, you might meet your dream agent. What better way to interview candidates than by seeing them in action at an open house?

You’ll also get a real feel for any neighborhood you visit, while learning about potential neighbors, and how you might fit in.

And maybe most importantly, learn about your wants and needs, by seeing a variety of layouts… and the amenities that catch your eye. You just might be surprised!

I hope to see you… at an open house this weekend 😊.

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