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The Only In-House Small Claims Service is at Guarantee!

Guarantee Real Estate launched its Small Claims Concierge Service about 6 months ago, and the service has already proven to be beneficial for Real Estate Agents in today’s market.

The Small Claims Concierge Service was established to assist with negotiations of small claims for commission disputes, earnest money deposits, and issues that arise when a Broker refuses to pay on a referral. The idea of an in-house service was conceptualized based on the need for additional legal resource options that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

Why do the Agents Find the Service So Valuable?
Concierge works both as an asset and a learning tool for our Realtors®. After discussion and mediation, resolutions have been found to favor both Agent and clients.

“Not every case presented to Concierge will go to Small Claims. There is an eligibility criteria that each complaint must meet, and an evaluation is done based on merit. The most important benefit of the service is that it helps our agents learn and grasp a better understanding of what to avoid in future circumstances that can arise when practicing real estate.”
-Bill Raudwer- Small Claims Representative, Guarantee Real Estate

What Do our Agents Have to Say About This Service?
“Justice prevailed with my small claims lawsuit because Guarantee Small Claims Concierge Service looked out for my best interest and helped me defend my case. Their efforts, support, knowledge, expertise, and care for me turned a challenging situation into a very positive experience.
-Elaine Colett, Realtor® at Guarantee Real Estate West & Herndon

“Everything went well. I was so pleased to have representation, and it was nice to have an option where the cost didn’t exceed the issue. It’s always helpful to know there is professional legal help when difficult situations arrive.”
-Jesse Penner, Realtor® at Guarantee Real Estate Willow & Nees

How to Connect With the Concierge Service
The service starts with a 30 minute free consultation. Appointments are available on Tuesdays between 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM & Wednesdays between 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM. The service is only available to Guarantee Agents and their clients. To book an appointment call Kim Durgin (559) 892-2868 or email

We Care About our Associates!
Our main goal is to be the Premier Provider of the real estate experience around the home sale transaction. We are continuously looking for innovative ways to save our Realtors® time and money. The Guarantee Small Claims Concierge Service is the only one of its kind that is offered at a Fresno Real Estate Brokerage. Does your broker have your best interest in mind? Connect with us today for more information.

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