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Springing Forward | REM #49

What do you think of when it’s time for our clocks to spring forward?

Are you excited about more daylight after work? I know I am.

Just like we push our clocks forward this weekend, the housing market is springing forward.

Spring forward implies that tension has been building up and when you look back at the last several months that’s exactly what’s been happening with housing.

Inventory was at an all time low last year

Buyers were fatigued and frustrated

Multiple offers & over bidding were common place

Yet in the last several months, inventory, the number of homes for sale has been increasing;

The spring has been building tension.

So . . .we enter the spring selling season, with mortgage interest rates at near historic lows and buyers jumping off the fence to purchase. . . a healthy real estate market!

Act quickly and list now. Beat the flood of competition that will list in the next few months and benefit from the housing market springing forward.

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