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Summer Lawn Care | REM #61

How to avoid seller burn out . . .

I’m not talking about your home’s days on market. How do you avoid the summer heat from burning up your lawn? How do you keep it green and pristine while it’s on the market?

I spoke with my friend Jeff Kollenkark of Weedman Fresno and he offered up a few simple solutions in hopes that our 2 days a week watering will be increased to 3 on June first.

  1. Fix your sprinkler coverage. Are sprinklers blocked by shrubs or are their nozzles clogged?
  2. Do the screw driver test. If it doesn’t go in 4-6 inches down easily, the ground needs more water.
  3. On the days you aren’t allowed to have your sprinklers on – use your hose and spot water the dry spots.
  4. Of course, if these tips aren’t enough, call Jeff at Weedman Fresno and get an expert’s opinion on what may be needed.

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