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The First Thing | REM #52

Have you ever wondered what the first thing you should do when you buy your home?

Besides unpacking…

Besides getting settled in…

And NO – I’m not talking about the first of many DIY projects.

Recently I heard that the average amount of money a homeowner spends in their first year of homeownership is $12,000. It’s no wonder why homeownership is so good for our economy!

However for all of the paint projects, change in flooring, and upgraded appliances a new homeowner might want to do . . .

This ONE thing should be done before all else:

Are you ready for it?

Change the locks. Change the combinations. Change the gate codes. Change the garage door opener codes.

You may have no idea who the previous homeowner shared them with!

Just a simple idea to pass along that might make the first few nights sleep a little more peaceful.

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