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Why Fresno? | REM #62

You know how the media likes to poke fun at Fresno? We’ve heard all the jokes from late night talk show hosts.

How about some good real estate reasons for Fresno?

I often hear about astounding home prices in southern california, the bay area, or even the central coast.

When I get asked about home prices in Fresno I often find myself answering with this one line – Our average sales price is your down payment.

It’s true! And they’re intrigued.

We have one of the most affordable real estate counties in all of California . . .right here.

Then, when you add on the day trip opportunities to 3 national parks, 2-3 hour drives to the coast or San Francisco.

We have amazing restaurants, big brand shopping, and nationally recognized schools.

Fresno – the 5th largest city in California. It’s a great place to own real estate and an even better place to call home.

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