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What’s Your Move Score?

At times, we are presented with circumstances that require significant changes. Your home is an asset that can be used as leverage to assist with those circumstances. How do you know when it’s time to move? The easiest way to answer that question is this: If you anticipate that your family will experience a life change and/or your home no longer fits the criteria for your family’s needs, it maybe time for you to sell.

How to Determine Your Move Score
Below is a quick questionnaire that can be used to help determine your move score. Ask yourself the following questions and keep track of the number you answer “YES” regarding your current situation.

  1. Are you getting married or recently married?
  2. Has your family size increased in the past year, or do you anticipate the arrival of a new addition to your family?
  3. Do you have teenage children and your current floor plan is no longer conducive to your family’s needs?
  4. Do you have children that have left home recently? Or perhaps an adult child has moved back in?
  5. Have you lived in your home for 7 years or more?
  6. Have you experienced a significant change in your employment through downsizing or company expansion?
  7. Is your family experiencing a significant health event? Or maybe an elderly parent has moved in?
  8. Have you received a substantial amount of income?
  9. Are you interested in investment property?

Your Change Begins with Guarantee!
Keep in mind that a score of 1-9 simply means that CHANGE is necessary for the events that are imminent in your life. Good news! Guarantee Real Estate is happy to assist you with that change.

A real estate move is most successful when backed by an experienced Broker. If experience matters to you, then connect with a Realtor® at the most trusted brand for almost 100 years. Guarantee Real Estate. YOUR goals and YOUR priorities are the main focus.

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